Friday, 9 September 2016

Find your tribe

Today i took a find your tribe test on the official channel 4 website i managed to receive the results of
creative, trakkie, maker.
Personally I do not agree with these results as I am not creative in anyway shape or form I do believe that I have the capabilities to be creative however this is stunted by my extreme lack of drive or any form of will I have left in my body.
one of the other tribes I was added to was trakkie however I would like to stress how much I hate the trakkie/chav culture as it is utterly repulsive in every way.
Finally I was given the tag maker, this I can't relate with too much either as I feel I do not consciously act in this way, however feel free to check out my Instagram @newark_jamie

within media I don't believe that i am like one person in particular as I don't overly idolise or strive to be similar to anyone one person I almost see myself as just a ball of stuff rolling down a hill picking up any influence i can stealing ideas from everywhere any anywhere shameless jumping in blindly and pulling myself out with what ever sticks to me I keep it becomes me, this behaviour means that I can be easily manipulated however im powerless to stop it or myself, insecurities masked by joke and a fake smile.
as far as fashion sense goes its really anything im not too self-conscious to wear so big shirts loud colours ripped jeans vans typical stuff, mostly I don't like to make a scene at all but I love my style of sticking out, recently I've been looking indo more naturalistic outfits like Baja hoodies for example.

In my opinion i believe that everyone knows who they are and if not who they are then who they want to be and someone should never be told what they have to be or what they have to conform to never should someone feel pressured to be anything they don't want but the path to self discovery is a long one and is met with insane difficulty but its one that we all must take.

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