Thursday, 8 September 2016

Mise en scene

Analysing the mise en scene in the movie FRANK.
This frame is from the movie Frank clearly you can see here that the use of low key lighting makes it feel mysterious and makes the viewer question the whole scene. the focus in on Frank the use of depth of field and the way he is positioned center frame shows that our attention should be 100% on him. the use of the trees surrounding him being so stationary is supposed to show calm and the camera angle is still and very precise nothing is moving as if time has stood still. Franks body language is very closed off and tangled up this could be to represent his thoughts all wrapped up and confusing so many things at once causing an overload. Franks clothing is blue this colour is widely associated with deeper thoughts and sadness it could also be represntitive of his sadness. Part of Franks costume is his mask and is reflective of how he wishes to stay anonymous and could be viewed as an insecurity.

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