Monday, 12 September 2016

Roles in film production

This is simply the process of 'finding' a story. Ideas for films come from a variety of sources, they can range from novels, real life events to computer game adaptations. Once you've got an idea you'll need someone to write a pitch for you which you take to a film producer in an attempt to get some funding to make your film. Even at this very early stage you need a very clear idea of who you're aiming you film at so you can include elements that will appeal to them.

Once you've got funding you establish your budget and can begin to get a film crew together, you can storyboard the script. You also need break the script down into individual scenes and identify all the locations, props, cast members, costumes, special effects and visual effects needed.

This is simply the process of 'making' the film. Provided you've done your job properly in the pre-production stage making the film should be straight forward. 'Film' is very expensive and difficult to store so an increasing number of film makers are using digital cameras to save money.

During this stage you take all the 'film' you've shot and give it to a film editor. They will then begin putting it together. Special effects will be added, a soundtrack will be added, any missing dialogue will be re-recorded and added resulting in a 'rough cut'. This will be shown to the director and a test audience who will offer feedback. Often this causes scenes to be filmed and added or removed.

The writer is responsible for writing the script once that is handed over that is the end of there creative involvement, the producer can always ask for re writes if they think the script is not up to the level it should be this happens quite a lot in hollywood as it can be quite fickle.

The producer is essentially in charge over everything during the film making process, they are responsible for all the hiring and other things to do with the production like cameras, locations, props this is possibly one of the most important jobs during the film making process.

Casting director
Organize and facilitate the casting of all of the actors and stars of the film they work closely with the producer and director to make sure everyone is getting what they want and no one in the cast is okay.

The director is responsible for making the script come to life though the camera and are basically in charge of all creative decisions within the filming and creation of a film they can make changes to the script to suit there own personal vision they will storyboard the whole thing and chose shots locations and outfits.   

Film finance
They are there to make sure that the budget isn't busted and that there is enough money to go around eg paying actors paying for food and props everything that has to be purchased will go though them.

Camera operator
Making sure that the shots within a film suit the ideals of the director this person literally operates the camera.

Making sure that the final version of the film is ready for cinemas the producing companies will also have an input here making sure that the film isn't to gory or too ridiculous for example.

Production designer
they are responsible for making all the sets and making sure they look how they should eg a western set would include as a bare minimum tumble weeds and open sandy backdrops  

Making sure that the film is marketed properly eg the trailers are representative of the pace or theme of the film also that lots of people know about it this is where most of the budget would go as they have to market to the whole world.

its the people who distribute the film to cinemas, the person in charge of this must make sure that the cinemas sell the experience to the viewers

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