Sunday, 25 September 2016

Ethnicity on TV: Hotel Babylon

I can easily identify what ethnicities people are due to the glaringly obvious stereotypes such as the arguing Russians being loud and obnoxious showing a clear generalisation of how everyone in their select country act and behave.
This shot is a handheld pan where the director is trying to show us the entire room and allow us to see the resoulution to the prior problem.

Here ethnicity is clearly represented with the two tall powerful looking white men overlooking the weak buckled over black man oviously being shown as inferior.
This shot is a long medium and uses a wide angled sense making the speed of the men seem faster and the corridor seem longer.

He senses the presence of the passing white men showing that they have power just by entering a the hotel.
Reaction shot is always used to draw away from the main focus of the scene to show a reaction which in this case is the immigration control walking into the hotel.

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